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You probably know the name Mary Engelbreit. She is a very popular children’s book illustrator and graphic artist, and she has a wonderful and distinctive style. Now, you can find plenty of beautiful fairies that have been sculpted in the Mary Engelbreit style, and they look fantastic. There are many from which you can choose including Agnes the Mermaid, Gigi the Explorer Fairy, and Jewel the Spring Fairy. These adorable fairies look just like her illustrations, and they will add plenty of charm to your fairy garden setup. You will certainly want to get started collecting all of these sweet little fairies for your own Mary Engelbreit fairy garden display.

Agnes the Mermaid


Along for the Ride Turtle


Ann Estelle Queen of the Fairies


Annie the Mermaid


Be Warm Sign


Beach Bag with Flippers


Beehive on Stool


Bloom Sign


Blue Birdfeeder with Cardinal


Blue Roof Round Birdhouse


Clam Shell with Pearl


Coral Reef with Sea Life


Crane with Heart


Diving Dolphin


Feeder And Friends


Flower Markers - Set of 3


Flower Post Bench


Flowering Vine Picks - Set of 2