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Make Your Own Fairy Tale

  When you think fairytale, you’re taken back to childhood. The stories you were read and the characters that become familiar friends. At we have plenty of the familiar storybook themes such as Alice In Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Bambi and Snow White. But what if you wanted to create your own yellow brick road? How do you get started? Setting the Scene Believe it or not, some people can get quite overwhelmed when starting a fairy garden. With thousands of items and sets to choose from, all of the charismatic choices alone can make even the most decisive...

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Be My (FairyGardens) Valentine
Love is blooming in the garden with gifts from the heart and the magic of new friends. Fairy gardening is all about sharing, caring, and passion (albeit for mini-gardening, but fulfilling a desire nonetheless).

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Miniature Must-Haves for 2019

  New year = new opportunities. As we carve out a path of resolutions and hopes for the coming year, one of the easiest ways to check off a task on your journey towards eternal optimism (because who doesn’t promise to be more like that every year) is by honing your fairy garden skills. Whether novice or proficient, it’s easy to find positivity, motivation, and a little piece of happiness through micro landscapes that capture the imagination. And there’s no better time to get started. Sure, we may be in the throws of winter, but gardening fairy style has but...

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