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When picturing the ultimate fairy garden, does your vision include creatures apart from fairies alone? If not, you may want to reconsider. Though a world populated entirely by fairy folk is certainly a wonderful one to consider, fairies of all kinds are noted for their friendships with other living things - and animal garden ornaments are a perfect way to include this in your fairy gardening activities. In this section, you will find a huge array of animals for fairy gardens that you can include in almost any style or theme.

Bird Windchime


Birds on Fence


Birthday Cat


Black And White Cat


Black Bear Fishermen - Set of 4


Blue Birdfeeder with Cardinal


Blue Birds - Set of 2


Blue Roof Round Birdhouse


Blue Shell Hermit Crab


Bluebird Trio


Bluebirds On Mushroom


Border Collie


Breaking Out


Brown Dog


Buddha Animal - Blue Bird


Buddha Animal - Bunny


Buddha Animal - Cat


Buddha Animal - Elephant