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When picturing the ultimate fairy garden, does your vision include creatures apart from fairies alone? If not, you may want to reconsider. Though a world populated entirely by fairy folk is certainly a wonderful one to consider, fairies of all kinds are noted for their friendships with other living things - and animal garden ornaments are a perfect way to include this in your fairy gardening activities. In this section, you will find a huge array of animals for fairy gardens that you can include in almost any style or theme.

Buddha Animal - Pig


Buddha Animal - Raccoon


Buddha Animal - Squirrel


Buddha Animal - Turtle


Bulldog Puppy


Bunny Gardener Planting Cutting with Little Bunny


Bunny Gardener Pruning Tree


Bunny Gardener Pushing Wheelbarrow


Bunny Gardener Watering the Flower Bed


Bunny Hutch With Rabbit


Butterfly House Picks - Set of 3


Butterfly Picks Large - Set of 3


Butterfly Picks Small - Set of 3


Camping Mini Bears - Set of 10 - With or Without Display Base

From $49.99

Carrot Feast


Cat Sitting Down


Chicken Coop Small


Chicken Coop With Chickens