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Would you like to set up a fishing hole in your fairy garden? You need to have more than just the right landscaping elements to create the fishing hole itself – you also need to have some great accessories to go along with it. This can really make it look like a place where the fairies and other creatures from the woods head when they are trying to catch some fish. Consider adding a fishing pole, some mini hanging fish on a line, a fishing creel, a fish basket, and even some fishing fairies. There are plenty of ways you can set up your fishing area in the garden.

Catching Dinner


Cauldron Cook Pot


Fish Tales Inn Sign


Fisherman Gnomes - Set of 4


Fishing Creel


Fishing Posts


Fishing Tackle Box


Fishing Welcome Sign


Gone Fishin Fairy


Gone Fishing Sign




Mini Fishing Pole


Mini Hanging Fish


No Fishing Sign


Old Wooden Row Boat