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Create Your Own Seasonal Windows with Miniature Figurines

When I was little one of my favorite things to do around the holidays was to go into NYC and look at the department store windows. Each with a different, yet festive theme, one more awe-inspiring than the next. Even in the opening scenes of the classic “Christmas Story” movie the children are mesmerized by the toys amid a winter wonderland. It seems that these, and similar store windows, have been evocating excitement and joy in the eyes of children and adults alike for generations…so why not create your own. From window boxes to shadow boxes, you can create whimsical...

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When All You Need are Fairies

It’s easy to get lost in the accessories and details that make up a truly extraordinary fairy garden. But sometimes, the fairies themselves are all you really need. There’s no shortage of fairy figurines on the market. In fact, we’d go out on a limb to say there’s a fairy for every personality – if you know where to look. With expressive features, colorful allure, and even coordinating accents, having the right fairy or set of fairies in your garden may be all you need to draw the eye. introduces you to the largest selection of fairies for your...

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A Harvest of Friends – Mini-Decorating for Fall

The pumpkin patches are picking. The gourds are plentiful. And the warm colors of autumn are everywhere. While sipping those spice lattes and enjoying your new fall wardrobe, skip the home-goods isle and opt for creating your own striking seasonal centerpiece with character and charm.   Fairy gardens aren’t just for spring and summer, they make whimsical accent pieces that help you celebrate any season. Turn a Pumpkin into a Fairy House You can dig out those guts and carve out a home for magical fall friends. Cut out windows that peak inside to see woodland creatures dressed in their...

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