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If you are like many people, you have fond memories of going camping with family and friends. Maybe you loved camping as a child, or you just started going camping as an adult. Why not bring that love for camping into your fairy garden with some of these fantastic miniatures? You can choose from a wide range of miniature camping options including mini campsites, traveling and surfing vans, campfires, canoes, trailers, firewood, grills, some woodland creatures who are having fun on their own camping trip and more. With all of the different options available, you should be able to find plenty of pieces for your camping fairy garden.

60's Fairy Surfer Van - Blue or Red

On Sale $19.99 Regular price $32.99

60's Fairy Traveling Van - Blue or Red

On Sale $11.99 Regular price $22.99

Camping Mini Bears - Set of 10 - With or Without Display Base

From $15.00

Fire Pit With Cooking Pot




Fishing Creel


Flower Power Fairy Hippy Van - Yellow or Blue

On Sale $19.99 Regular price $32.99

Flower Shop Trailer


Happy Campers - Camping Activity Bears - Set of 3


Lantern (antiqued)


Mini Fire Pit


Mini Hanging Buoys


Mini Hanging Fish


Mini Lake Sign


Night Lantern & Shepherd Hook