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Is it at all possible for a fairy garden to have beach, tropical and sea life themes? In a word: Absolutely! It makes perfect sense to imagine that fairies and other enchanted creatures would love the sea and want to live near it or in it. After all, a common theme for a fairy garden involves the appearance of mermaids and other ocean bound creatures. Yet, if you want to use beach, tropical and sea life themes it doesn't have to be limited to mermaids alone. You can fill up your fairy garden beach with our collection of beach miniatures. Try beach chairs and umbrellas, or some underwater animals!

Fishing Mud Man


Flip Flops Set of Two


Lakeside Dock Large


Mermaids This Way Sign


Mini Suntan Lotion


Red Pail


Sand Castle Set


Sounds of the Wind Beach Sign


Starfish On A Rock


Striped Umbrella (Green, Red or Yellow)


Volleyball Net