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Do you love Christmas? Maybe you want to change the fairy garden setup during the holidays to reflect Christmas, or perhaps you love the holiday so much that you want it to be Christmas year round in the garden. When you have the right decorations, such as those available here, you can make this happen! Consider some of the miniature artificial snowy trees, along with some of the great miniatures, such as Santa, angels, elves, Christmas fairies, and more. There is even a Christmas cottage that you might want to bring into your fairy garden. You have plenty of wonderful holiday options.

"Merry Christmas" Owl On Sign Post


Artificial Blue Spruce Tree


Artificial Green Glitter Pine Trees - Set of 4


Artificial White Pine Tree


Be Warm Sign


Beach Christmas Sand Castle


Beach Christmas Santa Sitting a Hammock


Beach Christmas Surf Board Santa


Beach Christmas Wood Fence


Beach Sand Christmas Tree


Beach Sandman - Set of 4


Blue Spruce Tree - Set of 6


Blue Spruce Trees - Set of 3


Candy Cane Mail Box


Candy Cane Tree


Cardinal On Christmas Wreath


Christmas Arch And Fence With Wreath


Christmas Beach Lighthouse