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Do you love to change the fairy garden with the changing of the seasons? Are you always ready to bring in some holiday décor when the season calls for it? Perhaps you just love one season or holiday, and you want that to be the seasons for your fairy garden all year round. Regardless, you will find some truly special seasonal items that you can use for your setup. You could choose some tombstones for your Halloween theme, a turkey for Thanksgiving, Santa minis, some snow-covered trees to depict a wintry setting, and so much more. There are many options available to accommodate all seasons.

Annabelle The Calf


Be Thankful Turkey With Pumpkin


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Mini Reindeer


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Mini Reindeer Prancing


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Mini Scottie and Pumpkin


Mini Turkey


Mouse Friends Playing on Wood Log


Polar Bear Sleigh


Rabbit Couples - Choose From 3 Different Couples


Rabbit Pulling Chicks in a Cart - Choose Brown or White (brown)


Rabbits On Cart - Choose Brown or White (brown)


Raccoon In Leaves


Snowflake The Kitten


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Squirrel Snowball

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Tobogganing Friends


Tubing Bear

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Turkey With Pumpkin


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