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If you think that your fairy garden is small now, there is always the option of going even smaller thanks to micro houses. You can have these tiny houses be a part of your setup for another group of even tinier little fairies than the ones that you already have. The houses are cute, and they can add a lot to the magical feeling of your fairy garden setup. There are some great little options, such as the barrel fairy house, the club house, little houses that look like they were made from acorns and from mushrooms, and so many more!

Barrel Fairy House


Itty Bitty Bungalow


Itty Bitty Clubhouse


Itty Bitty Hollow


Micro Acorn Abode


Micro Flower House - Campanula - Purple


Micro Flower House - Canterbury Bell - Violet


Micro Flower House - Morning Glory - Blue


Micro Flower House - Rose - Pink


Micro Flower House - Rose of Sharon - Pink


Micro Flower House - Tulip - Pink


Micro Flower House - Tulip - Yellow


Micro Mini Blue Flower House


Micro Mini Chanterelle Mushroom House


Micro Mini Christmas Cottage


Micro Mini Cozy Tree House


Micro Mini Fairy House Village - Set of 12 Houses


Micro Mini Gables Cottage