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It is important to think of your fairy gardening as an ongoing process, and to allow your garden to grow or change with time. Yet, most fairy gardens are home to many kinds of tree. Whether real or artificial, fairy garden tree figurines are the foundation of the space. This is true whether you have made a woodland garden, fairy garden forest, done your fairy gardening in a meadow or farm, or even if the trees are set along the water's edge at a lake or the sea.

6" Tall Green Trees


7" Leafy Green Tree


Apple Tree


Artificial Blue Spruce Tree


Artificial White Pine Tree


Christmas Tree With Ornaments 6"


Fairy Flower Tree With Swing


Flowering Tree - Large


Flowering Tree - Small


Large Living Tree With Two Treehouses


Living Tree Face With Tree House


Mini Leaf Tree #3


Mini Topiaries - Set of 4


Rainforest Tree


Tree With Swing Fairy


Wise Old Forest Tree


Zen Tree - Green Bonsai Large


Zen Tree - Yellow Fall