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You want to have a fairy garden that is unique and that looks like it is made in a real living and breathing world. One of the best ways to add some more realism and visual interest to your setup is by adding different types of landscaping elements. There are plenty of fantastic options from which you can choose, and that can work well for many different styles and types of settings. You can check out some great pathways, bridges, stepping stones, planters, topiaries, fences, birdbaths, and more. There are always interesting landscaping bits that you can add to your fairy garden.

Animal Topiaries - Set of 6


Boho Flower Picks - Set of 3


Cactus - Set of 2


Colorful Daisies On A Pick - Set of 3


Flower Gazing Ball Set of 2


Flower Markers - Set of 3


Flower Picks - Pink Rose - Set of 5


Flower Shrubs


Geranium Plantstand


Hanging Basket with Stand


Hollyhock Picks - Set of 3


Man Eating Plant - Chomper


Man Eating Plant - Fang


Man Eating Plant - Sneaker


Pansy Flowerbed

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Pansy Picks Set of 3


Patterned Potted Flowers - Set of 3


Potted Flowers Set of 3