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Where do the fairies in your fairy garden live? Where do they lay their heads at night? They live in their fairy houses, of course, and that means you are going to need plenty of these miniature homes on hand in your garden to accommodate the fairies and to make the setup look like a real world. Luckily, there are houses that can fit in quite well with nearly any type of design you might create. You can even find houses for fairy gardens that will light up, which adds a whole new dimension to the garden after the sun goes down. Check out all of the options including farm houses, acorn houses, bakeries, cottages, and so much more!

Solar Artichoke House


Solar Asparagus House


Solar Blacksmith House


Solar Bluebird Tree House


Solar Broccoli House


Solar Camper With Polka Dots


Solar Corn House


Solar Cottage with Stone Pedestal Base


Solar Covered Wagon


Solar Cowboy Hat House


Solar Cowgirl Hat House


Solar Fairy Bungalow


Solar Fairy Cottage


Solar Fairy House Garden In A Book


Solar Fairy House Planter


Solar Fairy Red Mushrooms House


Solar Farmhouse Fairy Home


Solar Fire Hydrant House with Blue Bird