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What is it that makes a fairy garden setup truly stand out and look like a living, breathing place? While it is important to have some fairies and critters in the garden, along with houses, you must also make sure that you have plenty of different types of miniature furniture. Fortunately, you have a host of different options from which you can choose today. There are some fantastic pieces such as an arch swing, miniature benches, mini Adirondack chairs, chandeliers, window seats, furniture that looks like it has been made from flowers, and so many other fantastic options you will love.

Mossy Garden Bench


Forest Swing Set


Mini Tool Bench


Mini Wooden Table and Chairs Set


Mini Leaf Table and Chairs Set


Toad Stool

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Fairy Bed With Tulle


Fairy Garden Bed


Multicolored Stripe Beach Chair


Watermelon Beach Chair