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Your fairy garden setup doesn’t have to be in an idyllic enchanted forest. You can have any theme that you like, and that includes a setup that is perfect for swamp fairies, trolls, and similar critters. Having a swamp theme can be quite a bit of fun, and it is certainly different. There really are some adorable and unusual denizens that you can bring into the garden including a host of trolls, a swamp monster, alligator, frogs, and some impressive fairy houses. There are, of course, plenty of interesting little swamp fairies that will work well for your setup, too.

"Don’t Piss Off the Fairies" Troll


Clementine The Charlady Troll


Crawdaddy's Swamp Shack


Crocker Troll Riding Gator


Emile Troll with Cattails


Fairy Swamp Boat With Lantern


Fairy Swamp Lanterns - Set of 3


Fairy Swamp Outhouse


Fairy Swamp Raft


Frogger's Fairy Swamp Shack


Green Alligator


Lady Swamp Monster


Merle Troll with Frog


Mystic Marsh Swamp Shack


Ray Troll with Bird


Remy Troll with Dragonfly


Swamp Fairy - Cousin Cranberry


Swamp Fairy - Crawdad Catie