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One of the big truths that you soon start to realize when you are putting together your fairy garden setups is that you can never have too many fairies and critters for the setting. There are always new setups that you can try, you can expand, and there are just so many great, interesting fairy figurines for sale that are going to look great in your garden. Some of the other miniature fairy garden figurines that you might want to consider include some adorable Christmas baby fairies, fairies riding birds, a fairy in a wheelchair, and so much more. They will look fantastic in your setup.

Athena And Pet Owl


Bear Back


Blossom And Pet Bunny


Butterfly Angel Fairies - Set of 10 - With or Without Display Base

From $59.99

Butterfly Fairies - Set of 10 - With or Without Display Base

From $59.99

Cheerful Garden Fairies – Set of 6


Christmas Fairy Baby


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Christmas Fairy Baby Sitting


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Christmas Fairy Baby Sleeping With Bunny


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Cochlear Implant Fairy - Simone


Day Dreaming Fairies - Set of 3


Enchanted Forest Sitting Fairies - Set of 2


Enchanted Garden Fairies - Set of 12


Enchanted Garden Fairy Girls - Set of 3


Enchanted Purple Mushroom Fae


Fairies Riding Animals - Set of 4


Fairies With Pets - Set of 2

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Fairy and Cardinal