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What are fairy gardens without fairies? Yet, how on earth do you know the ideal fairy garden figurines to add to your gardens and enchanting miniature worlds? One of the best ways is to wait to create any fairy gardens until you have already found the fairies who will inhabit it. This allows you to choose the accessories, flowers and other accents (including fairy friends such as animals and birds) to go along perfectly with the fairy garden fairies themselves.

Butterfly Fairy - Dancing Fairy


Butterfly Fairy - Kitty Cat Fairy


Butterfly Fairy - Ladybug Fairy


Butterfly Fairy - Never Lose Your Sparkle Sign


Butterfly Fairy - One With Nature


Butterfly Fairy - Petal Pitcher Fairy


Butterfly Fairy - Puppy Dog Fairy


Butterfly Fairy - Sleeping Fairy


Butterfly Fairy - Whistful Fairy


Cabbage Babies - Set of 2


Cabbage Fairy


Calla Lilly Baby


Canoeing With Friends


Caring Animal Fairies - Set of 4


Catching Dinner


Caught In The Rain


Charlie And Tilly - (No Bench)