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When you are putting together your magical fairy garden, you want to have all sorts of fantasy figurines that help to give it the feel of an enchanted world. In addition to beings such as fairies and gnomes, you will naturally want to have some magical creatures such as unicorns. You will find there are quite a few wonderful miniatures from which you can choose including fairies that are riding atop unicorns, a range of unicorns, including those that have rainbow manes and tails, and there is even a unicorn that is on crutches. Of course, if you have fairy garden unicorns, you might also want to pick up a couple of the miniature unicorn poop mini figures to put around the garden!

Cloud The Unicorn With Crutch


Galloping Unicorn


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Magical Unicorn


Magical Unicorn Poop


Mini Pegasus


Mini Resting Unicorn


Mini Unicorn In Field


Pegasus Foal


Rainbow Unicorn


Unicorn Riding Fairy


Unicorn Smiles