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There is no such thing as having too many animals in your fairy garden! There are some great choices that you can consider, and there are those animals that do not always fit neatly into another category, or that tend to be a bit rarer and do not have a category of their own. This is where you can find all of those other interesting animals that you may want to bring into your garden. Some of the types of creatures you can expect to find here include cows and calves, camels, crabs, a donkey, a dolphin, foxes, a wolf, alligator, goat, and so much more!

3-Headed Dog


Annabelle The Calf


Baby Owls Set of 2




Blue Shell Hermit Crab


Chameleon on Branch


Chameleon on Rock


Chicken Coop Small


Chicken Coop With Chickens


Chickens Set of 3


Derby Time


Diving Dolphin




Donkey With Saddle


Elephant Reading Book


Elephant Reading Book With Owl


Elephant Sitting Reading Book


Enchanted Forest Animals Set of 2