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We know that dogs are often described as being the best friends of human beings, but what about fairies? Do they like dogs, too? In your fairy gardens they can, and these unique miniature dog figurines include a wonderful assortment of canines of all kinds. Not only can you incorporate the presence of dogs into your fairy gardens using the different puppy figurines here, but you can build an entire garden around these puppy statues.

Are You My Mama?


Beach Doggy - Pink


Bogie The Beagle


Border Collie


Collie Puppy


Cricket The Puppy


Cute Sleeping Puppy

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Daisy The Dachsund


Dog With Butterfly


Dolly The Dalmation


Evie The Ewe


Four Puppies

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Furry Friends


German Shepherd Dog Puppy


Ginger the Puppy


Golden Retriever Female


Golden Retriever Puppy