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When picturing the ultimate fairy garden, does your vision include creatures apart from fairies alone? If not, you may want to reconsider. Though a world populated entirely by fairy folk is certainly a wonderful one to consider, fairies of all kinds are noted for their friendships with other living things - and animal garden ornaments are a perfect way to include this in your fairy gardening activities. In this section, you will find a huge array of animals for fairy gardens that you can include in almost any style or theme.

Yoga Bunny - Seated Namaste Pose


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Yoga Bunny - Standing Namaste Pose


Yoga Frog - Cobra Pose


Yoga Frog - Lotus Pose


Yoga Frog - Shoulderstand Pose


Yoga Frog Meditation


Yoga Frog Meditation Lotus Pose

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Yoga Frog on Lotus Leaf - Namaste


Yoga Turtle- Seated Namaste Pose


Yorkshire Terrier


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Zoo Birds - Set of 4