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The enchanted worlds you can design and bring to life when you use fairy garden accessories are limited only by your imagination, meaning they have no limits whatsoever. Yet fairy gardening can be made even more imaginative and fun when you begin to choose from a wide array of unique fairy garden items as you plan or expand your miniature worlds.

Gingerbread Lane Signs - Set of 2


Ice Skates


Sitting Christmas Fairies - Set of 6

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Snow Fairies Horse Drawn Carriage


Snow Fairies Ice - Set of 3


Snow Fairy Signs - Set of 2


Snow Shovel


Snowflake Picks Set of 3


Star Picks Set of 3


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Stockings With Hook Set of 3


String of Colored Lights


The Nutcracker Figures #2 - Set of 3


Winter Birdhouse Picks Set of 3