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When it comes to the lighting around your fairy garden, you have several options, and you might want to have a mixture of them available. You can choose to have mini lanterns and light posts around the terrain, the pathways, and the buildings, and you could have some miniature fairy lights that actually light up and provide the area with a whole new look once the sun goes down. Many types of light posts are available, along with a range of tea lights and strings of LED lights. Get creative with your lighting and make the fairy garden a truly magical place.

Blue LED Lights 36 Inches


Cool White LED Lights 36 Inches


Flower Street Lamps Set of 3


Glow Flowers Set of 3


Glowing Flowers - Set of 3


Lantern (antiqued)


Night Lantern & Shepherd Hook


Red LED Lights 36 Inches


Red, White And Blue Patriotic Star LED Lights 40 Inches


Skull LED Lights


Stars Cool White LED Lights 40 Inches


Stars Warm White LED Lights 40 Inches


Twinkle Lights LED - 5 Feet


Water LED Clear Tea Lights Set of 2


Water LED Color Changing Tea Lights Set of 2