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Sure, you have a garden and a fairy garden, but do the fairies and gnomes in your setup have little gardens of their own? When you have the right miniature gardening accessories, as you will see here, they certainly can! You can find quite a few options available including watering cans, a miniature hose set, a frog caddy, buckets, a range of gardening tools, potting benches, wheelbarrows, plant ladders, and even miniature gardening sheds. Explore your options and find some great fairy gardening accessories that will work well for your setup and provide your fairies with the lovely gardens they deserve.

Birds Nest Wheelbarrow


Bloomin Flowers Water Can


Blue Butterfly Watering Can


Classic Green Garden Shed


Fishing Mud Man


Flower Bistro


Frog Caddy


Garden Hose Set


Garden Shed


Gardening Bucket


Green Potting Bench


Green Wheelbarrow


Ladybug Watering Can


Leaf Pail & Wheelbarrow


Natures Gardening Tools


Potting Bench (Bench Only)


Rainy Day Boots - Set of 3 Pairs


Round Tub