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When many people are putting together their fairy gardens, one of the things that they do not consider is adding some miniature food to the setup. However, it is the little things, the little vegetables, tea sets, cakes, drinks, and even a bag of ice that help to give the setting a very lived in and realistic look. Some of the food for fairies that you might want to consider include a campfire set, a grill, and some mini popcorn and mini ice cream. There are countless accessory options that you can consider for bringing different tiny food into your fairy garden.

Apple Bushel Basket


Cola Case & Bottles


Corn Stalks - Set of 3


Fairy Garden Tea Set


Fairy Juice Jug


Fairy Picnic Basket


Fire Pit With Cooking Pot


Fresh Fruit Cart


Fruit Basket


Milk Bottles In Basket


Mini Apples - Set of 4


Mini Baby Cereal


Mini Bacardi Rum


Mini Beer Can


Mini Brewmaster Beer


Mini Charcoal Lighter Fluid


Mini Cupcakes


Mini Flour