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When you are putting together your fairy garden, you can create just about anything that your imagination can conjure up, which is the true magic of these gardens. Whether you want an enchanted forest, or a beach theme, there are great ways to create just what you need with the right accessories. Consider some of the options that are available, including different types of signs, miniature tea sets, bicycles, wind chimes, fairy dust, fairy stones, and so much more. Take the time to explore the various accessories that are available and find those that are going to work well for your setup.

Acorn Tea Set 3 Pieces


Apple Bushel Basket


Autumn Harvest


Bag Of Ice


Birthday Cakes Set of 2


Bucket of Soda Pop


Cabbage Patch Veggies 4 of Each


Carrot Basket


Chilling Beverages


Cola Case & Bottles


Fire Pit With Cooking Pot


Fresh Fruit Cart


Fruit Basket


Grilling Steak


Magical Rainbow Cake


Mini Baby Formula Similac


Mini Brewmaster Beer


Mini Chicago Pizza