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Step Inside the Enchanting World of Fairy Gardening

Step Inside the Enchanting World of Fairy Gardening

Do you believe in fairies? Gnomes? Trolls?

Welcome to the new home of the blog, where we engage in topics around the magical and enchanting world of micro-gardening. Creativity comes alive and myths become a reality.

For over 10 years, has been helping people discover the captivating universe of fairies by creating their own charming scenes and unique dwellings to invite these elusive creatures into their homes and gardens. Intricate décor and neighboring wildlife friends create a warm and welcoming environment in which fairies can exist peacefully and frolic among your flora.

fairy cottage

For some, fairy gardening is hobby. For others it’s a way of life. From the novice beginner to the competitive architect (and all micro-gardening enthusiasts in between), we offer the opportunity to take an idea or inspiration, plant it among the greenery, and have it blossom into a genuine existence.


Our blog will explore DIY tips and tricks that attract pint sized pixies, mystical unicorns, whimsical fairies, clever gnomes, wily troll and their furry friends. From secret gardens to tiny towns, individuals can channel their inner sprite to design the perfect backdrop to complement environments indoors and out. We’ll help you sustain a living garden filled with all the magic and curiosity that comes from realizing your fairy garden dreams.

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  • Hilary Steinmetz said...

    With so many gnomes to choose from, why are there no lady gnomes? Where do the gnomes come from?