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Miniature Must-Haves for 2019

Miniature Must-Haves for 2019


New year = new opportunities. As we carve out a path of resolutions and hopes for the coming year, one of the easiest ways to check off a task on your journey towards eternal optimism (because who doesn’t promise to be more like that every year) is by honing your fairy garden skills.

Whether novice or proficient, it’s easy to find positivity, motivation, and a little piece of happiness through micro landscapes that capture the imagination. And there’s no better time to get started.

Sure, we may be in the throws of winter, but gardening fairy style has but one season…year-round.

Dust off that flower box. Empty the galvanized pail. Upcycle the broken terra cotta pot. It’s all in the eye of the beholder to envision a tiny world coming alive with character and wonder.

And what a wonderful time to be alive (and a fairy)…

Last year, we saw a number of new accessories in the garden. From Disney favorites making their miniature debut, to fairy fan apparel. This year, it’s all about the wildly appealing pooch planters, and bird bins. Hardscapes like seashells, birch, and natural wood. And the newest friends in the garden. From the delicate fairies with detailed wings in soft pastels, to sets of bright and colorful personalities that will populate your garden in one fell swoop, 2019 is shaping up to be a whimsical affair.

Aside from the new kids on the moss block, the old reliables in the garden never cease to amaze. The flower fairies with their bouquet of names. The furry friends in the forest to the finned friends at sea. The accessories and tiny accents that add to any story. It’s the little things that make a big impression.

Fairy gardening is the resolution that we all make in one way or another. There’s a person and personality, theme or scene, set or specific item that illustrates the individual we want to be at that moment in time, or in the future. It’s a world that embodies the new year promises we hope to achieve when we vow to be more kind, generous, adventurous, creative, independent, helpful, curious, celebratory, motivated, loving, and true to ourselves.


MyFairyGardens.com exists to make the imaginative come alive. We are dedicated to bringing your miniature ideas to life in a huge way. Join our community and visit us online to experience the charm and intrigue of small-scale characters with larger than life expressions, and delight in all the little extras that take your micro-gardening to new heights (and depths).

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  • Angela L Cummings said...

    I love my fairy garden in michigan. I

  • Vicki said...

    Thank you so much for the reminder to get em out of the post Holiday/ cold winter blues. I am definitely ready to get back into the fairy garden swing!

  • Debbie Keaveney said...

    Thank you for such a beautiful sentiment for the new year. So excited to get an early start on my fairy garden. It brings me such peace and joy to create my tiny little paradise.

  • Jan said...

    Lovely sentiments for the new year! The poor weather shouldn’t deter anyone. I’m using the time to Plan my next fairy garden(s) & order everything I need, so I’ll be ready when Spring comes. Thank you for such a nice post.