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Life in Miniature

Life in Miniature

What’s the draw? Why the appeal? Over the last few years, people have discovered the magic of fairy gardening, but why? The answer varies depending on who you ask, but the passion people have for this type of creativity continues to expand.

A Simpler Time

At its core, fairy gardening lets those indulge in imagination and create a world that is their own. The micro-sized characters, creatures, furnishings, and accents evoke a sense of wonderment in people that far surpass life-sized. For adults, fairy gardening can be a way to relive their youth of play, while others simply enjoy the sense of innocence that comes with these magical lands. Fairy gardens let you escape the world around you and retreat into a place of pure joy and curiosity.

Connect with Natural Surroundings

Another benefit of micro-landscaping and fairy gardening is the chance to connect with nature – whether indoors or out. Most gardens are created from raw, natural, and organic materials and the idea that these worlds become one with your surrounds. Whether a small door is hidden at the base of a tree, or an etched stone path leads to an enchanting scene within a hedgerow, the person is drawn to nature. The use of rocks, moss, sand, and succulents breathes life into tiny lands that grow within your home.

Often associated with the flower beds, greenery or woods on a property, the beauty of fairy gardening is that it can actually be created anywhere. Use flowerpots, basins, crates, or simply start placing figurines and accessories in and around stationery objects to start your story. Upcycling unused or unnecessary materials it the perfect way get started. And then see where it takes you.

From Pastime to Passion

Fair(y) warning, once you start your garden you may not be able to stop. It’s addicting, but in the best way possible. It’s not uncommon to get hooked. From expanding upon your first garden to create an entire village, or creating themes and stories in different areas of your home, the tiny décor and expressive personas that are synonymous with fairy gardening are too cute to pass up.

Mini-gardening is taken very seriously in some circles. Landscape architects and design companies use professionals to help create captivating scenes at garden shows, for retail displays and in arboretums. For those who want to take their fairy gardening up a notch (without going pro) classes and DIY videos are available to show you new techniques, products, and inventive ways to show off your skills. It’s not uncommon to go from pastime to passion when it comes to fairy gardening.

From individual pieces to complete themes, there’s a true connection that forms when you start a fairy garden. Where will it take you?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- exists to make the imaginative come alive. We are dedicated to bringing your miniature ideas to life in a huge way. From the moment you add one of our unique fairy doors to your home, you welcome a bond that unites you with the magical and fulfilling universe that is fairy gardening.

Join our community and visit us online to experience the charm and intrigue of small-scale characters with larger than life expressions, and delight in all the little extras that take your micro-gardening to new heights (and depths).

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  • Pamela Dudek said...

    Your blog spoke about the different reasons people began their fairy gardening adventures, and I thought I’d share mine with you. I actually start the first one for my mom. She loved gardening outdoors, but as she aged, it wasn’t as easy. I would come over and plant for her, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t something SHE took care of herself. Something she could water, nurture, and watch its growth. So, I brought the garden indoors to her in the form of a gardening fairy garden! Complete with a fairy, miniature watering can, wheelbarrow and a bird bath along with what we thought were small growing plants.

    She had that garden for a couple of years and then even that was too much for her to handle.
    A couple of years after her passing I decided to make a fairy garden in her honor, remembering how much joy it brought to her. Now, I guess you could say it’s become a passion for me. Just ask my husband!!

  • Toby said...

    Thank you Marilyn, I concur ! 💁

  • Marlynne Snare said...

    Fairy Gardening allows us to have a second childhood !

  • Phyllis Sunkees said...

    I love making Fairy Gardens. I’ve been offered money for them but how can you put it price on Love. All my neighbors have one, and I have a huge one in my garden. All of my potted plants have at least one Fairy in it, to believe in Fairies is to believe in the beauty in this world

  • Toby said...

    Found fairy gardening this year and I’m smitten. I’m in love with the tiny people, houses and fairies and accessories. I keep saying I’m done and turn around and place another order. I want to believe in the little world I’ve built. It just makes me happy and it completes my garden. I love looking at it, rearranging it, and adding to it.
    I never had a doll house as a kid, and maybe that’s what draws me, I don’t know but I’m loving it and It feels like a holiday when the packages come with the latest order.
    I’ve planted tiny succulents and ground cover and mosses to add to the woodsy feel.
    My grown children smile but secretly I believe they think I’m in my second childhood. I’m not. I love being able to create a magical place of wonder and kindness where the real world doesn’t exist.