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Knock Knock – What Your Fairy Door Says About You

Knock Knock – What Your Fairy Door Says About You

What’s behind door #1? It’s a common phrase that both intrigues and bewilders, prompting many an adventurous risk taker to step outside of their comfort zone in the name of exploration.


In the world of fairy gardening however, doors are as abundant as they are varied, and are usually a telltale sign of the fantastical world that lies ahead. Filled with mystery and wonderment, fairy doors are a gateway to the imagination, and for some, an actual entry point to an inventive, miniature world unlike anything you’ve ever known.

While fairy gardening in and of itself invites curiosity, it’s typically the door themselves that piques interest. A well-placed fairy door, whether on the base of a tree, in the corner of a garden, jutting out from a hedge, or positioned on floorboard moldings will catch the eye and initiate the wonderment that follows. With so many doors to choose from it’s the personality of the garden, and the gardener, that drives the selection. A fairy door’s shape, color, design, coordinating accessories, signs, and overall personality is symbolic of the world you want to create.  


What Your Fairy Door Says About You?


Are you welcoming or a bit shy? Are you mysterious or mischievous? A person can tell a lot from the fairy door they enter. While some doors are a basic color with little in the way of markings to raise an eyebrow, it’s the elaborate and detailed doors that incite intrigue. From stone, brick, and stick facades, to illuminated lanterns that shine when the sun sets, these doors are your introduction to a world of fairies, trolls, pixies, gnomes, and sprites.


Where Your Story Begins


Is your door round, rectangular, or angular in shape? Is it laden with ivy or flanked with flowers? Some doors are expressive with facial features, while others are subtle with only a hint of the unusual. Doors can be straight from the swamplands, while others boast a chic and modern portico. Words of wisdom for all who enter may be written upon a door, or knobs and knockers hung to announce visitors and request entry. 


Whether landscaped with walkways or mystical characters themselves to welcome you into their world, these magical doors are the opportunity to escape to a land where fairies frolic, playful trolls and naughty gnomes pass their time, and pixies and sprites rejoice with new friends.



MyFairyGardens.com exists to make the imaginative come alive. We are dedicated to bringing your miniature ideas to life in a huge way. From the moment you add one of our unique fairy doors to your home, you welcome a bond that unites you with the magical and fulfilling universe that is fairy gardening.


Join our community and visit us online to experience the charm and intrigue of small-scale characters with larger than life expressions, and delight in all the little extras that take your micro-gardening to new heights (and depths).

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