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Knock Knock Knocking on Fairy Doors

Knock Knock Knocking on Fairy Doors

There’s no shortage of wonderment in fairy gardening and nothing evokes that sense of curiosity and awe like spotting a fairy door among the wood. A tiny entrance into the imagination. One that sparks creativity in the young and old alike.

Once carved into trees or crafted from DIY popsicle sticks to lean against the base of a stump, fairy doors have evolved to become intricate entries, illuminated porches, and gateways to an otherwise unseen magical world that starts all with a knock at the door.

Going Door to Door

You don’t need to be a seasoned pro to appreciate the numerous styles of fairy doors available today. From rectangles to archways, and even those a little off kilter, they come in different shapes, sizes, and just about every color. With so many to choose from it’s impossible not to find a fairy door that represents your personality, and the personality of the garden you’re bringing to life.

Doors with seasonal décor complement your own home accents and decorating for the time of year. Find fall wreaths hanging outside, snow-capped archways and holiday gifts on a doorstep, and flowers blooming for spring - fairy doors can be swapped out with every changing season.

Some doors can be medieval while others are mystical. Some are hobbit homes and others are simply hidden hatches.  But all have magical meaning. Whether they look like they’re made of sticks and stones, steel and copper, or wrought iron, each tell a story of incredible things to come. Can’t choose just one?  Opt for a set of fairy doors and lay the groundwork for an entire miniature world in your garden.

The beauty of fairy gardening is that it’s about more than just figurines in flowerbeds, it’s about what you believe it to be. Make it uniquely yours. Find the right door, for all are welcome. And watch your fairy garden take shape. exists to make the imaginative come alive. We are dedicated to bringing your miniature ideas to life in a huge way. From the moment you add one of our unique fairy doors to your home, you welcome a bond that unites you with the magical and fulfilling universe that is fairy gardening.

Join our community and visit us online to experience the charm and intrigue of small-scale characters with larger than life expressions, and delight in all the little extras that take your micro-gardening to new heights (and depths).


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