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Cracked Pot Fairy Gardening

Cracked Pot Fairy Gardening

Whoops. Happy accidents happen. And when they do, it’s the creative person who finds a way to take a mistake and make it into something beautiful. Case in point, when terra cotta or ceramic pots break there’s no need to toss them. Upcycle!


Fairy gardening is more than an inventive hobby, it’s a passion for a lot of people. Creating enchanting scenes and imaginative miniature worlds indoors and out, lets creativity thrive. Cracked pot fairy gardening makes for some of the most decorative and unique accents to ever grace a home. Filled with succulents and whimsy, cracked pot gardens can easily become a focal point and topic of conversation.



How To Assemble a Cracked Pot Fairy Garden

Whether you’re already trying to reuse a broken pot or, are planning on breaking a pot in tact (yes, people do this to achieve the perfect fairy garden) you’ll want to recycle smaller pieces to help with your design. Create different levels using the broken sides. Use smaller pieces to design a cascading staircases or micro-landscaping.  Or reuse the extras to create an asymmetrical look.


Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to use the smaller pieces of the pot, set them aside and pack a tight potting soil base. Once you’ve got your soil in place and the structure begins to take shape, you can select the greenery you want to grow. Succulents, bonsai, and even flowing plants can bloom in your cracked pot garden depending upon the environment it is kept.


Plantings should be strategically placed to enhance the look and feel of your fairy garden, but also allowing enough space for them to thrive. You can supplement areas with moss to cover soil you don’t want to show. With plants and pottery in place, you can now add detail to your cracked pot garden.


Take the smaller pieces that were set aside and arrange them in descending steps to define your levels, or as separation between the different areas of your cracked pot garden.  



Creating a Story

With your structure and succulents in place, the fun begins. Accessorizing your fairy garden is no different than telling a story. Place doors or small houses throughout. Create a telling scene with fairy and animal friends. And don’t skimp on the little details.


From clothes lines to illuminated lanterns. Stone walls to colorful mushroom tops. Even adding some sand and pea stone to better define the look and feel of your garden’s tale, the possibilities are as endless as the micro-accessories are abundant.


With the creation of your first cracked pot fairy garden you’ll become a cracked pot fanatic. Taking something that was once thought unusable and recycling it into something so charming and enchanting it’s hard not to become addicted or give into your crafty and creative whim.

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  • Tessie Aaron said...

    Want to get together for how to get started

  • Beverly Henderson said...

    I hate all the ugly one’s I’ve found !! Will look at your’s again.

  • Joan Scannlon said...

    I would like to have a list of “kitchen helpers” to use in making the Fairy Garden such as: rice for small fill, and other ingredients found in the house to keep the costs down.

    Thank you,
    Joan Scanlon

  • Jean Doby said...

    I currently have a broken pot on my porch. I didn’t know what to do with it until you gave me an idea to play with and see what happens.

  • Jan said...

    UPCYCLING is a great blog topic & you did a terrific job (including the photos)! Following the Cracked Pot article, a follow up might revolve around broken crockery, pottery, china, etc. Perhaps use of chipped/cracked items like cups & saucers. Good help for the “bones” of our fairy gardens, adding accessories from My Fairy Gardens. Thanks a lot.