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An Emerald Land - St. Patrick’s Day in the Fairy Garden

An Emerald Land - St. Patrick’s Day in the Fairy Garden

Top o’ the morning to all in the fairy garden.

While we typically surround ourselves in bold bright colors to rejoice in all things whimsical in these lands, at this time of year we go green with enviable décor.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and turn an already enchanting world into your own pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

There’s no mistaking leprechauns for gnomes, but you don’t need a four-leaf clover to transform your micro-world into Ireland’s countryside. Lucky for you, going from colorful hues to a sea of emerald is made easier with tips and accessories from MyFairyGardens.com.

For example:

What lies behind the door with the Celtic symbols?  A curious way to start an adventure.

Are those Irish eyes peeking out of the hobbit homes and tiny cottages adorned with living rooftops?

Where do those shamrock steppingstones actually lead? And what’s beyond the hills of moss?

A magical land of good fortune and fun awaits.

The mystical turns mysterious as green fairy folks and their friends appear all over the garden. Emerging from illuminated leprechaun hat houses, and passing through horseshoe archways, (a change from the fairy flags and arbors that are characteristic) one can’t help but want to follow the glowing paths to picturesque waterfalls and feel blessed to revel in the celebrations.

The luck of the Irish is everywhere.

From St. Paddy’s Day signs to festive facades, with MyFairyGardens.com there’s more than one way to celebrate the holiday in your garden.


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