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A Fairytale Career in Fairy Gardening

A Fairytale Career in Fairy Gardening


Let’s face it ~ for some of us, fairy gardening is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. A happy addiction that finds you creating more and more picturesque scenes and themes with or without the greenery. Every nook and cranny indoors and out tell a story. Charming tales of micro worlds with characters and creatures, and where creativity knows no end.

Now what if we told you, you could actually get paid to create fairy gardens. Parlay this obsession into a lucrative career. (Cue lightbulb!) Believe it or not, you can make a living inventing tiny lands with unique appeal. (And it’s not work if you love what you do!)

Fairy Garden Landscape Architect

Prove you have a knack for creating fairy gardens striking enough to impress the masses and garden centers may find your talent particularly appealing. Fairy figurines and miniature accessories can be found in nurseries. One of the best ways to pique the interest of prospective buyers (nay, fairy garden enthusiasts in waiting) is to show them what they can create. Garden centers, particularly the larger ones, will setup elaborate displays with green spaces, floral exhibits, and water features. And you know what’s missing? Those tiny accents and charming details that make gardens come alive. And that’s where you come in.

And It’s Not Just Retail Outlets

Botanical gardens, arboretums, and commercial solariums create fairy gardens for year-round displays as well as special events. Some even hold programs dedicated to this craft that require complex scenes entwined with the landscape, as well as recruit professionals for beginner and intermediate instruction on site. Which brings us to the educational opportunities that can help you make money from your love of fairy gardening.

Ever Hear of YouTube?

Becoming your own fairy garden internet sensation isn’t out of the realm of possibility for those completely ensconced in the lifestyle. Yeah, we’re talking to you. The ones with the seasonal displays that blow your neighbors out of the water. The magnetic gardens that are instagrammed by friends and go viral for their intricacies.

Setup a camera and broadcast your creativity to interested viewers. (Or start small and tell your friends to share out the link. If you’re that good, word will spread quickly.) Gain enough followers and you can get yourself some corporate sponsors. You’d be surprised at how quickly the ad revenue adds up. And just like that, you’ve got your own show on fairy gardening. Keep it fresh and engaging by designing and challenging yourself to come up with new and inventive projects. And don’t just show off your own projects. Share your knowledge - expand your horizons…

Create tutorials for newbies and start a DIY series to take your YouTube success to online stores. Ecommerce sites love to post instructional videos on their websites and across social media. Create a library of tutorials and pitch them to companies who may just be interested in buying some content.

So, there you go. Get paid to create fairy gardens. Turn tiny worlds into big profits while doing what you do best. Turn your passion into a paycheck for a fairytale career.  


MyFairyGardens.com exists to make the imaginative come alive. We are dedicated to bringing your miniature ideas to life in a huge way. From the moment you add one of our unique themes to your home, you welcome a bond that unites you with the magical and fulfilling universe that is fairy gardening.

Join our community and visit us online to experience the charm and intrigue of small-scale characters with larger than life expressions, and delight in all the little extras that take your micro-gardening to new heights (and depths).

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  • Toby said...

    I did this just for me this summer. I created a fairy village with a fenced in Central Park. I have 3 gardens on the side of the house and I walk by them 3-4 times a day.

    The fairy garden takes an entire corner and I sculpted the shrub it’s partially under to be the canopy. Every time I walk by I have to stop and share a peaceful moment with my self and my surroundings. I have added all that I want to this magical little world that sits in the company of several frogs, 3 5-lined skinks and 2 ruby hummers surrounded by butterfly’s and flowers. I like it just the way it is and I know time is coming when I have to take much inside for the winter, but not the houses. They have staked their claim on this tiny plot of garden and will give me my moment this winter Each time I pass their way.

  • Ainsley said...

    I believe in this message and agree.this past winter my fairy left so I redecorated to make me feel a bit better.

  • Patty Mims said...

    I have been creating Fairy Gardens for a few years now. I have my own Facebook page, Patty’s Enchanted Gardens which have photos of my Gardens I’ve created. I’ve always wanted to do this but just don’t know how to start. Thank you for this article. Please go to my page and take a look. Any feedback you could give me would be very appreciated. Just do a search for pattysenchantedgardens without the apostrophe and it should come up. Thank you!

  • Patty Mins said...

    I have always want to make Fairy Gardens for a living. I have made many that people have purchased. But never really thought I could make a true living at it. I would love to share some of my Gardens I’ve done with you and talk more of this becoming a reality. Patty

  • Benji D. said...

    I love the world of fairy gardening. It has inveloped me. I love creating small villages, cottages, and working water features. I fell that water in any fairy garden is a prime cornerstone for any fairy garden. I use old water table top water fountains as well as create my own water features and fountains to be part of all my fairy gardens. When it comes to creating my fairies. I use natural elements. seeds and roots. the insporation and ideas are endless. the simplest things can bring your fairy gardens to life.